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Clutch sound, ABS?

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Just curious I've noticed this sound that comes from the front of my car after I start and drive off it comes from the driver side as far as I can tell, it does not sound like a suspension sound like a A/C clutch turning on, someone told me this could be the ABS system checking itself. I've never had a car with ABS so I don't know. Is this normal?

It only does this once after I start the car up and drive off. It's not the door locks nor does it sound like something suspension related it seems to come from the engine area behind the dash.
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Assuming new gen same as mine, there is a brake/ABS check clicking sound after startup at about 10mph 15km/h.
On my 2009 after starting the engine and driving down the street the I hear the following;

At about 9 MPH I hear a weak one time thump/clunk which sounds like the AC clutch going ON-OFF.

At about 19 MPH I hear a few weak series of thumps on the passenger side that is the ABS calibrating itself.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 40K miles
Hey thanks guys, you guys are right, just downloaded the PDF version of the manual and it said the same thing all is normal. :thumb2:

Self-test feature

The ABS includes electronic sensors, electric
pumps, hydraulic solenoids and a computer. The
computer has a built-in diagnostic feature that
tests the system each time you start the engine
and move the vehicle at a low speed in forward or
reverse. When the self-test occurs, you may hear
a “clunk” noise and/or feel a pulsation in the brake
pedal. This is normal and does not indicate a
malfunction. If the computer senses a malfunction,
it switches the ABS off and illuminates the
ABS warning light on the instrument panel. The
brake system then operates normally, but without
anti-lock assistance.
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