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coilovers and exaust on 2nd gen sedan???

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I almost bought these two items but I know Bob from versa speed said nothing fits the 2nd gens yet? Any input guys? I made the takeda on my versa fit, but I has to scoot my battery over 2½ Inches no biggie!
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As far as I know those two items only fit 07-11 versas and 12 hatch but not the new sedans. They are working on Megan coils and exhaust for your sedan I hear somewhere on here tho. So keep your hopes up :hurray:
I dont remember the guys name but someone on here has a black 2012 sedan and I think he has Megan springs. Im not sure about the brand but I remember him saying he had rims but took them off because they rubbed the springs after lowering it.
I found some other coilovers from D2 racing that said they would fit my car buy I am not too sure on those either those I found on Amazon
Just wait a little bit longer and we'll have some quality guaranteed fit parts from Megan Racing coming. Grizzly is waiting to hear back on when the parts will be available. Here is the topic:
^there you go, that's the one I was talking about lol. He mentioned they were test fitting the coils so that could be coming out sooner rather than later.
it's all about patients. i haven't heard anything from him tho, which is making me sad.

but i know that there's always set back, and it's something that we just have to wait.

i will let you guys know when i'll be receiving the coilovers and other goodies.
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