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Collant color 2012 V HB

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So ive been smelling like a coolant or a hot smell for the past couple days when I parked the car thought nothing of it because its not real distinct like im used to. But today I decided to take a look at my engine and the alternator and intake are splattered with this dried up light blue crap. Also the radiator has it all over the caps as well. Im thinking i have a bad radiator also the coolant reservoir is really low so I couldn't tell the color.

Is the coolant blue? If not what is?
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take pics and post them. Coolant is green when wet but it dries to a white powder like substance.

I would think possibly the hose off the overlfow tank has come undone, the radiator cap has malfunctioned or wasn't attached firmly. These seem more unlikely then the radiator itself is shot. Though that is a possibility too.
no noticeable leaks or wet spots might have been white it was hard to tell it was 8:00PM and twilight. Cap was tight and all hoses were good. Its all around the caps of the radiator so im taking it to the dealer today and requesting a pressure test its only got 400 miles on it!!! WTF
Im taking it in tomorrow... hopefully all is good and the pressure test comes back ok
So it's the radiator got a closer look its the top cap on the passengers side that leaking and it does have blue coolant...
Hopefully they fix it all up for you. I'm shocked the rad broke already. Must have been a defect.

Really blue coolant? Wonder if there is a special one needed for the new nissans. They always used the regular green in the past.

edit: found this information on the net. You learn something new everyday.


In calendar year 2009, Nissan began filling some vehicles at the factory with a NEW Nissan Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant (LLC) that is blue in color.
NOTE: LLC = Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant

The transition to this new Blue LLC continued though MY 2010. Beginning with MY 2011, all Nissan vehicles are filled at the factory with the Blue LLC.
• MY 2009 and 2010: Some vehicles are filled at the factory with Blue LLC.
• MY 2011: All vehicles are filled at the factory with Blue LLC.

Blue LLC is designed to have a service life of 7 years/105,000 miles for the factory fill, and 5 years/75,000 miles for subsequent replacement fills.

• Blue LLC one gallon pre-diluted:
P/N 999MP – LP25500P
- The one gallon containers are pre-diluted with 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water.
- Do not add additional water when using pre-diluted Blue LLC.

• Blue LLC one quart concentrate:
P/N 999MP – L255QTP
- The one quart concentrate containers are intended for extreme cold weather application.
- Use the concentrate without mixing (do not add water).
- Add directly to the cooling system in specific amounts as directed on the container label.

Additional Information for using Blue LLC:

Blue LLC and Green-colored Nissan LLC (P/N 999MP-AF000P) are compatible with each other:
• Blue can be mixed/added with Green
• Green can be mixed/added with Blue

• Adding Green LLC to Blue LLC will reduce/shorten the life expectancy of the Blue LLC to that of the Green LLC (4 years / 60,000 miles).
• LLC must always be used with demineralized or distilled water, otherwise the life expectancy of the LLC (Blue or Green) will be degraded and cooling system damage may occur.
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