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New Note for $12K? Buy that. Buy two.

If you don't mind not having manual windows and locks, get the base with stick. If you want a few luxuries and don't mind losing the stick, go up one level. If you're looking to spend $15-16K or more, check out the Fit, Yaris, Focus, Accent and others in that price range.

When you're talking about base model hatches, it doesn't get any better than the Note. There's a 3-cylinder Mitsubishi Mirage that you can probably get for less. It has the same CVT and power doors/locks along with auto climate. However, Mitsubishi could go at any moment. They account for less than one half of one percent of US sales. As a whole, Mitsubishi is making money. As for Mitsubishi North America, they've been hemorrhaging money for over a decade. Think Izuzu in 2009 and Suzuki last year. I'd suggest staying away from them.

No matter which Note you get, it won't be as much fun as the Juke.

The room, comfort and gas mileage in the Note is nice. Great commuter cars.
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