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Like I have covered before. I was moving to daytona beach. My outback was useless in florida. I shopped around for the best car for the lowest price with all the goodies. I thought it to be impossible. I almost bought a Rio lol. They are nice little cars but they are medium brand cars.The rio was 14,500. Plus all the small cars had a/c and radio optional. So I dug further. Googled small cars with standard air conditioning. Only the V had standard a/c. That was like a 800 to 1 grand savings. Plus the stock s model listed @ 12,400 I'm pretty sure. The first year V s model was 11,900. Also, Throw in the hatchback option with most other car models. It was like 500.00 plus and the V was 11,900 as a hatch. So I settled for the V because the options markup was non-existent. I bought a V with auto and the power group for 12,900. It was a factory preowned so it was covered pretty well. I am still happy with the decision. If I did want a sedan I would have bought a silver Sentra factory preowned. They are quick with the cvt and that color agrees with the dorky look lol.
There are alot of Subaru's in Colorado, it's practically Subbie country here, along with SUVs. You'll see an Outback at least 10 times in one day and the Legacy's about half that.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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