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They CAN be improperly installed and many mechs do it. The car needs to be at 'ride height', or the normal height the car sits at on the road. Many OEMs now specify that, I did it way back in the '70s but a pain in the butt depending on where you are tightening. You do not tighten any rubber bushing until car is down on the ground and settled on the suspension, that way the bushing is 'normalized', ergo, not twisted one way or the other, rather, in a neutral condition. Many mechs tighten with car up in the air and then car let down and then the bushing is pre-twisted one way to be twisted way more than usual in operation in that direction. How they can tear up way early.

The problem being-how to tighten with car so low you can't get up under it? The mech of course will opt out to make customer the one who suffers there. Having a pit in the shop is a plus there.
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