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Converting 4 speed auto to 6spd Manual what do i need

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What do i need and will it cost much
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You would be wiser to trade in for a 6 speed than do a conversion. Even if you're doing it all yourself, with today's CAN systems and the associated wiring, it would be a headache. In fact i'm willing to bet that the 6 speed tranny itself would be one of the cheapest parts of the conversion.

The major parts:
-pressure plate
-parts associated with clutch R&R, pilot bearing, CSC (concentric slave cylinder), new disc, or one in good condition
-clutch hydraulic system, consists of plastic hoses with plastic fittings, not hard, cutout for master is already in firewall most likely
-PCM and wiring harness
-shift linkage-shouldn't be hard to get used

I'd say 3-4K without labor.

If you got the money and don't care either way, do it. But remember that with all the effort, money, and time it will take to do the conversion, you'll still have a slow Versa... I'm not trying to be mean, i'm just saying it like it is. If it's speed you're after, trade it in for a 6 speed model, and soup that engine up.
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what about getting parts from a wrecked versa?
Yeah that'd be cheaper of course, but with every time the bellhousing is cracked open, the slave cylinder is recommended to be replaced (rightfully so, as if it goes while it's buttoned up, you have to take it all apart again, and probably buy a new clutch disc this time due to brake fluid contamination), and you'd probably want to get a new clutch disc anyways, cheap insurance relatively speaking, especially when you factor in all the downtime and if you can't do it yourself, labor expenses to take it all apart again.

Your call on whether the cost/benefit ratio is justified to you. If you have the MR18 you might as well put on Bob's lightweight flywheel while you're in there for that extra bit of pep. When i do my MR20 swap that's what i'm doing as well while it's apart.
i already have mr20 installed
You can do it!! Start buying parts or find a wrecked versa. Auto to manual swaps happen all the time in all different cars. Whatever you run into can be overcome.
Go for it. I would like to go from 5 to 6 speed eventually.
You'll need quite a few things!

I am actually converting my auto Honda Accord to a manual. I've got quite a few parts but I still need more. Remember that it can be more than just parts that are needed.

For mine, I need to drill a new hole in the transmission mount that is welded to the car. If I use the preexisting mount, it does not sit correctly and destroys half shafts every couple of weeks. Ive got to wire the clutch safety switch and reverse lights as well as a few other things along with actually mounting the clutch assembly which needs a custom made spacer and all that fun stuff. Here is my part list:

1. 5 speed transmission - Getting soon
2. 5 speed starter - Have
3. 5 speed shifter assembly w/ shifter cables
4. 5 speed drivers side axle - Have
5. 5 speed intermediate shaft
6. 5 speed clutch pedal assembly
7. 5 speed brake pedal arm
8. Clutch master cylinder w/ reservoir and lines - Have, need the reservoir
9. Clutch line from Clutch master cylinder to slave cylinder - custom part
10. Clutch dampener assembly
13. Slave cylinder - Have
14. Clutch - Have
15. Flywheel - Have
16. 5 speed mount - Have
17. Manual ECU - Have
19. BOLTS: 8 Flywheel Bolts, 6 Pressure Plate Bolts, 3 Intermediate Shaft Bolts, 1 Long Tranny Bolt

You can see the parts that I have. I bought them all new (except for the ECU) from Advance Auto and spent about $450 (I got an AWESOME deal because I know a guy who works there). The transmission is going to cost me a minimum of $300 from a junkyard (unless I can find one from a u-pull one has any manual accords), For everything else I am looking at around $200.

In all, it will probably cost me around $950 plus beer and food for my buddy that is going to help me. I might replace the rear main seal and oil pan gasket as well while the tranny is pulled. I also have new Moog lower balljoints and outer tie rod ends ill be replacing at the same time.

I never have taken any auto classes so this is a HUGE undertaking for me but I am looking forward to it. I've never replaced a half shaft, done ball joints (which need to be seperated), or replace a clutch so I am hoping it will go well! I do my own oil changes, tranny fluid changes, radiator replacements, and power steering pump/belt replacements. I just need more cash to get the rest of the parts and i'll be good to go.

I wish you luck if you do it! Most people just sell their vehicle and buy a manual version, but I have so much invested into mine it doesnt make sense.
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