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Coolant Flush, Do I replace the water control valve?

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Trying to do my own flush @ 110,000mi. I know to change the lower tstat but those with experience, do you also replace the water control valve?
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2011 Versa 1.8L with CVT transmission, are you talking about that component?

Are you concerned your thermostat is bad?? You can test it by heating up some water (on a stove) with a thermometer and seeing when it opens.
Yes, that engine. They way I understand it is that it is wise to replace the thermostat if it is 10+ years old and you are going to do a coolant flush.
Thank you. I am a novice when it comes to doing my own maintenance so I thank you for the advice. I think I will do as you say and if it becomes an issue, I can always reuse the coolant if it is relatively new.
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