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My condensed steps from the Versa FSM
1. Raise the car on jack stands :)
2. Make sure the engine cool then remove the radiator drain plug under the radiator, then the radiator cap
3. Remove the coolant reservoir tank and drain it
4. To flush coolant, fill the radiator and reservoir tank with water (a coolant flush additive is only required if you're experiencing really bad coolant build up or rust in the system, which hopefully you shouldn't lol)
5. Run the engine until operating temps, then rev it 2-3 times
6. Stop engine and let it cool, then drain the water
7. Repeat step 4 to 6 until clear water drains from the engine
I know this has been posted a year ago but I do have a issue heres what is happening. i own the car for a year but just weeks from now when i drive a few miles and turn of my car i noticed that there reservoir is boilin and has a sound together with a white smoke. I check and opened my radiator cap and white smoke was coming out as well and it was this an issue on the reservoir or do i have to replace any part here?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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