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cops called cause versa is loud

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so a little earlier today on my way back to the house after i went and got my pizza the lady up the road and calls the cops and says that this really loud car came by and said it sound like i was shooting at her house with a gun well the cops so up like over an hr later and asked me if i was shooting at her house and i looked at him and said i don't have a gun here so no and i told him what she heard was my car popping when i let off the gas but why this lady waits till now to do this i have no clue cause im in tn and have been back here since the 1st of nov but the cops told me try not to let off the gas at her house and i was like thats hard to do when there is a sharp corner there
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Well at least they were cool about it. Valley cops are usually pretty headstrong to say the least, so it's nice of them to tell you about the complaint even if it doesn't make any sense. And from what you said it doesn't make any sense.

It may be a stupid question but why does your car pop when you let off the gas anyway?

Awesome ride btw.
thanks and cause i have a header and test pipe on so no cat on it but will change when i get back to the valley and i havent had a complaint in the valley yet and maybe when i get back if there are other versa owners we can get a meet going and thanks ive done some work to her but still not done got a lot more to do
Ah ok, had to look that one up myself. I'll admit I'm more than an amateur when it comes to cars, but it's great to learn.

That would be cool if we could get a meet together. I don't know any other Versa owners in Phoenix, but it's a big city so anything's possible.

Only got my Versa a few weeks ago so no mods yet, although I'm looking to change that over winter break.

You're quite welcome on your work, it's epic, can't wait to see what else you end up doing.
yea i think there are a few others on here from az and what i want to do next it lower it and rims and some interior work and if you want to look some stuff up for the versa check out he has some good stuff
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