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Just decided to search the net and found this:


This TIIDA is from Costa Rica, GT1 Category at the Autodromo Pedro Cofino, Guatemala.

DESCRIPTION(in spanish):
- Chasis tubular
- Motor SR20 DET Turbo
- Cilindrada de 2183 c.c
- Potencia aproximada de 475 HP, con restrictor de 54 m.m
- Componentes Nismo y JUN
- Electrónica HKS
- Suspensión Independiente en las 4 ruedas
- Amortiguadores Penske
- Frenos Brembo
- Transmisión tipo Trans Axle
- 5 velocidades Hewland
- Volante de aluminio Aasco Performance
- Clutch tilton
- Aros 18 BBS de una sola tuerca
- Instrumentos Auto Meter
- Seguridad OMP
- Carrocería en Fibra de Vidrio y Carbono
- Peso sin piloto 2.200 libras

Apparently it can be done, this gives me hope. :woot:

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anything can be done. Save biig bucks for for custom mounts and shifter linkages.. oh and the motor and trans.. prolly 5-10 grand and you could dump it in
definately agree...thus my project stopped haha

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ya this car has been around for a few years. ive seen pictures of it and it doesnt even look like a versa anymore. they completely changed the front by extending it out to fit the intercooler...even tho i think it will work without doing any body can be done. a 91-94 altima FWD transmission plugs right into it. of course i have never confirmed this..just from what i read on various forums regarding sr20's.
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