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I have been looking into steering wheel controls myself, I do not see any preexisting wires in the radio area that would indicate that the steering wheel is set up for the stereo control. I replaced my radio with one from a Sentra yesterday, and saw no harness connector other than the antenna and the one for power/speakers. As for the cruise control, I believe that involves more than just hooking up a wire, a coworker of mine has the model with cruise, and in the area near the battery was a black box with wires leading toward the throttle. I believe it was cruise as mine did not have this.

We sold the 1.6 in the states in the sedan version only. It had no "chrome" options everything was matte black, no radio but was prewired, and air conditioning was a $1,800 option! The seating material appeared to be like a terry cloth fabric, and I believe the wheels were a 14 inch, but could be wrong. It sold as the cheapest car in America for a few years, and I doubt many came with any options at all. I had real world experience with it was as a loaner I had for over a month while I was waiting for my Versa to get fixed. The 1.6 was a complete turd, the 1.8 I feel is bad in automatic form, but the 1.6 felt like I was driving a brick! I would press the accelerator and it was like turbo lag, 2 seconds before you could get any response. Then the cars search for gears constantly, let off the accelerator and it would downshift 1-2 gears. I actually got so pissed off about them giving me a car without a radio I rolled into the dealerships used car dept and installed the radio from a wrecked Versa that was headed a for salvage auction. This was the worst car I have ever driven, and I have owned a Yugo that was over 10 years old when I got it, and a old Chevrolet Vega!

I don't know if they cut corners on the Tiida, but I feel bad about the life choices someone that actually chose the 1.6 stripper. Did the Tiida have many options?
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