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Crushed 2011 Lexus ISF...

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That's what he gets for street racing. I would of thought the state would auction it though, instead of crushing $50-60k.
Now make the owner watch and they won't do that again lol
that is just messed up. all the time and money the owner spent, gone to waste within seconds. even tho he was racing illegally, it just makes me sad, seeing your baby crushed like that
People should follow the rules of the road. Plain and simple.
ha yea i def agree with that, unless your racing to avenge your girlfriend who got shot in cold blood = the fast and furious.

i guess i just hate seeing good things getting wasted.
Yeah I agree, what a waste. 50K down the drain, that could have went to good use. They could have even donated that to someone or some organization instead. Thats just bullshit. An ISF down the drain, that's like a Ferrari being crushed. I understand rules of the road, but this is just cruel and wrong. At least take it away from him, and put it to good use, even a nice cop car would be good for it, what a waste....... people just don't think.
Yeah I guess that is true could have donated to like a tech school or something.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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