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ok so I looked and no one has chimed in on Crutchfield: Car Stereo, Speakers, Home Theater, LCD TV, Digital Cameras .
so I thought I would write up my experience with them.
I purchased the Pioneer DEH-X6500BT receiver. I was amazed on just how fast this got to me. and it did come with everything I needed to install it. I have had it in my car for a couple weeks now and noticed that on the face plate there is some fogging under the glass where the main display area is. I called Crutchfield today and without hesitation they are sending out a new replacement unit and giving me a return shipping tag for the unit. this is what you call great customer service. no arguing and no trying to make me stick with a defective unit (even if it is just a slight cosmetic issue)..
Way to go Crutchfield!
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