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cube recall

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just saw this on the news
nothing too terrible
at least the brakes still work :58:
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Wow, I went to Nissan this wonder they had so many. I guess people are scared to buy them.

Just like Toyota with the Prius and Corolla. :58:
I noticed a few Cube's at the dealership last week. One was the KROM edition :D I love those !!!!
I noticed a few Cube's at the dealership last week. One was the KROM edition :D I love those !!!!
Yeah, I like the chrome grille on that model. I wouldn't trade my Versa for it tough.
I wouldn't either simply because the trade in value is not much on the Versa. Plus I have put too much work into it. I want to keep it for a long time.
Maybe one day I'll buy one. I think it's just way too cute.
Thats true, Im planning on getting an older car to mess with and DD the Versa(for ever). :biggrin5:
Lol ... That's my plan too. I think next summer I can buy what I want to have some fun with.
The test for this is crazy. I mean granted it should be within the allowable limit for fuel spillage but read this:

Much like the HS hybrid, NHSTA cites that the amount of fuel leakage following a rear-moving barrier crash "exceeds the allowable limits," and that this could result in a fire. While a fuel leak is bad news, it's important to note that this NHTSA test isn't simply a case of a simple crash test and resultant fuel leak – the government agency's methodology includes striking the vehicle from the rear with a deformable barrier at 50 mph with a 70 percent overlap. Post-impact, the vehicle is then spun on its longitudinal axis degree-by-degree for a total of 90 degrees, somewhere along which a fuel leak was detected. While any fuel spillage is a bad thing, we suspect you can put any images of the massively overblown Ford Pinto debacle out of your head right now.
Plus since nissan is going to take care of it and I'm sure it will be revised for future models this seems pretty week compared to other recalls of late.
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