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Cube vs. Soul

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Neat article out comparing the Cube and Soul.

I love the Cube more and more everytime I see it :D
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Yeah I find them very annoying. When nissan does it with infiniti it's even worse. It's just two brush strokes showing the profile of the vehicle.
I agree, that's the problem I have with Nissan. They never go all out with prototypes, teasers and such. Same goes with the Versa, it's marketing strategy is not like that of the Mazda2 with the tuner mods and such. The more Nissan keeps it up, the less of a fan I become.
I love the Cube out of all those three. However, one option that it does not come with is a sunroof. It would be hard for me to part w/ my V's sunroof (But I'm not trading her in, don't worry).
the only thing i like about the soul is that the speakers light up thats it
the soul in person looks nothing like that pic above IMO. bleh i think they are so ugly
im just not that big a fan of the toaster look... in superstreet's most recent magazine they show the scion xb (xtruck) from SEMA and that was a stylish ride my friends.
I saw the same exact orange scion xb today on the streets except it had a carbon fiber hood and different wheels, it looked clean
i hate the soul. looks so weird and ugly. it kinda reminds me of like someone going on a safari drive in africa
yeah same here, I think they are ugly!!! just plain ewwww!
You get more for your money with a Soul, so Soul for me.
they should have compared it to an SL for that price and not an S. Then it would have been a closer comparison. The soul still wins for heated front seats, four wheel disc breaks and I guess power. But I like less power and better mpg's so that last one is a toss up.
But four wheel disc brakes sometimes just end up costing more. Rear drums last a lot longer :) Chuckie is 13 and still riding on orginal rear drums !!!
Not really, at a safety point of view disc brakes are more efficient at stopping than drums. And for drums to last longer, they have to be checked and adjusted to maintain constant pressure, discs never need adjustment.
21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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