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Alignment check should tell you if anything else is messed up. Thise places are trained at spotting things in order to make more money off you. :D
True dat one ^
I agree... some places are pretty good making sure everything is nice and tight. Long time ago I took my ex subaru legacy L to pepboys to get new tires and an alignment. after all set and done.
The next day I took it to Midas for an oil change, and they called my name. I was like oh oh that's not a good sign... Sir, you have a ball joint out, WHAT!!!
Midas manager called Pep boys and told them to learn to check their cars, i was like.... wow now what? he said, go back to pep boys, get your money back for the alignment and we will do your ball joint and the alignment 1/2 price. so I went to pepboys, told them about the ball joint and a mechanic took it for a test drive and he said it was normal to pull to the left when you give it gas because its allwheeldrive and told me there was nothing wrong with the ball joint. I was like but it is broken, I saw it. I even tried to moved the wheel to show them but they kept saying it was fine. finally the guy points the flashlight to the ball joint and asked the assistant to move the tire up and down, he said no movement, then he said, move the tire left and right, and I said THERE IT IS!!!!! its moving!! :thumb2: I was getting frustrated then the manager said, we'll give you the ball joint for free and just pay for labor and we'll do the alignment again at no charge....
I said, nah... just give me the money back for the alignment. the manager said that was hard to see, I said I know but I did notice the car was still pulling to the left. we're all human, and we all make mistakes so it is what it is
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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