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Cutting rear bumper fascia?

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What tool should I use to cut the rear bumper fascia. Was driving up a driveway today to pick up a friend and the freaking chrome tip got all scrapped up. I want to cut the rear fascia, then have them reinstall higher up! What tool should I use to cut the fascia anyone done this before? Just an idea what I am talking about look at pics.

This is what I want!
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It would look better if the muffler could be moved slightly(not so close to the license plate) to the left along with a bigger cut out. Keep us updated. :thumb2:
Maybe drill a pilot hole then use a fine toothed hole saw. I would mask the entire area with tape first. It will help with the chips or little pieces of plastic. Use some oil too to keep the heat down and not melt the bumper. You will have to clean it up after with some sand paper I would think.
Cut it. I have done several of them. I typically use a protractor and a dremmel.

You can use blue painters tape to draw/cut on. Also you need to make sure there is no other interference. So look at what also may hit, if you raise it. As far as the location, just go straight up, don't get tricky moving it, it is 10X more work.
tape and cut on tape that how we did on bike fairings.
Okay so use blue painters tape then cut through the tape and also make sure their is nothing in the way of where I am moving the tip gotcha. Yea when the car got down I was just ready to get in and drive to hear it. When I got home I noticed if was off to the right a little bit. I will have them move exactly where I want it now that I know how big it is going to be. Thanks for the advice!
Np, keep us updated.
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