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It can be done. I guy on the Sentra forums took a 2.0 with CVT, and popped in a 6sp, and rebuilt the 2.0. It's nice. There's a couple small things ive done, that people on here was like "why do that?" "buy one already on there", I did it, and was very easy. You never know till you try, and if it's something you really wanna do, hey!!, don't let anyone tell you no!! GO AND DO IT!!!!! We all know that the 2.0 can fit. Try and do the 2.5 with a 6spd. That would be freakn awesome!!! I know the computer has to be changed out, but do some research, and see how hard it really would be. Im not even sure if it would fit in that small area, but who knows.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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