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i hear a bunch of gobbling....

anyway, if you have the money and dont want to trade your car in, it can and has been done. you will need the new tranny, clutch, flywheel, ecu, and all the interior stuff like the pedals, gearbox, etc. no its not easy, if you got the deep pockets dont listen to these sissies and go ahead. then you can run mad boost without worrying about blowing up the cvt, it doesnt handle high temp well at all. if your dream tuner is your versa then you're gonna have to do this eventually...

as for an estimate....between 5k-10k, depending on whether you can do any work yourself or have connections. you can get the parts cheaper thru a junkyard or a site like, but labor is what is gonna cost you the most. the estimate may seem high, but you have to remember the versa is a fairly new car, its not like an old civic or something. good luck with whatever you decide :)
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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