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CVT Transmission

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Hi! I have a 2014 Nissan versa Note model it’s the SV package with the CVT transmission, it’s been replaced once already at 130,XXX miles and it is now at 171,000 miles I have a local shop that does the fluid changes every 30k miles for $125 I wanted to as if anyone knows if this is normal. When the car is first started and put in gear it clunks, from park or reverse to drive it kinda jerks like back and forth just a little but only from park or reverse into drive, it also I wouldn’t say hard shifts but you can definitely feel it the first time it shifts every time from a stop like from 1st to 2nd gear is this just a normal transmission thing for them I’ve been having trouble with stalling and MAF and belt, I just don’t know if it’s normal for a CVT I’ve had the car since 150k miles and it’s driven the same since then it’s just recently having the maf and belt problems but they changed the fluid at 160k miles and they said it was clean and shifted normally it’s the same shop that replaced the tranny 3 years ago from Nissan brand new not rebuilt it was 4,000 dollars any help is greatly appreciated! Also is it normal for the motor to have a slight tick I can attach a video if needed it’s always done that as well I’ve been told it’s normal but I am unsure I believe it’s the 1.4L motor, THANKS!!!
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Check the mounts, can easily be one of them.
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