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so i was following a car a litle close today and didnt have time to avoid the plastic bag they stratled and endedup stratling it myself. i didnt see it come out in the rear view so i went straight home. as soon as i got out of my car i smelled burnt plastic :mad2: i looked under and saw the handles of the bag between the exhaust and the chassis brace. i pulled on them and thats all that came of!!! because i am fat i backed the V onto my ramp and went inside to let the exhaust cool. came back out and squeezed under, all i could pull off the exhaust was 5 pieces about 1/2 inch by 1 inch. so now i have about 15 inches of plastic coated exhaust. it still smells after a 70 mile round trip drive, driving kinda hard trying to burn the rest off.
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