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DC Sport Exhaust system

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Hi guys! im new to this place . i was just wondering if any of you guys had ever used the Dc sport exhaust system. i'm planning to get one for my versa and i'm wondering if anyone who has ever done it needed to weld anything as i am going to be installing it with one of my friends. :)
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straight bolt on....i did it in a parking lot with wrenches and floor jack
I put it on mine in my driveway but I had to cut and weld it a little to raise it up cause it hit to much but my cars lower to. But I love it it sounds so good. 09 sedan
sweet guys! thanks so much for your help! :D time to get errr DONEEE!!! :29:
sweet guys! thanks so much for your help! :D time to get errr DONEEE!!! :29:

Check out my video of the exhaust. like everyone else said, the install is easy. and the DC Header prototype came in 2 weeks ago, they are test fitting it and if it all works then they will be put into production.:thumb2:

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i still want that dc sports catback :p i just love how deep it sounds when your driving! im gonna have to either upgrade my muffler for a deeper sound on my custom catback or completely swap it out with the dc sports one, btw way to gun it on the highway #1tango lol
Nice deep tones:D I wonder if I kept my factory resonator but added this muffler if the tone would be pretty similar but simply not as loud. That would suit my commute very well:thumb2: btw enjoyed the video very much, especially oceanside. I take a lot of ipod vid in case a meet another high speed deer, but the best i saw was a family of four raccoon kits on my road. Seen some crazy drivers though!:yikes::eek:ut:
and welcome monkeiboi!
has anyone noticed a drop or impact of any kind to the low end torques? also any hp gains? thanks!
also whats the diameter size of the exhaust?
Can't tell you about hp gain cause haven't dyno'd it but you can really feel a difference when accelerating. Not to mentioned how awesome it sounds =)
I like the sound of that exhaust system, but I dunno if I'd want it. It seems kinda loud for me. However, I did find that DC has a silencer for it though, I dunno what all it would do for the sound of it though. Anyone have any experience with that?
And the Check Engine light?? Is on with this mod?? I was wondering if somebody had the graphicals of the dyno test of this catback, i will thank a lot if you can help me. Thank you a lot!!
No CEL, it is a cat back system, which retains the factory manifold and both cats assembly, 5hp at most, probably more without cats. Don't quote me on it.
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