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De-badged, outline still showing

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Read up on a few pages on people de-badging/shaving their emblems decided I wanted to do it.

I was able to successfully do so but there is still an outline of the "hamburger"/Nissan Emblem, any way to get rid of this? I washed the car directly after removing everything but it still remains.

Also, once I removed my dealership's vinyl and washed it clean I noticed it appeared to show another dealership's imprint. Despite my efforts it still shows up, but is only noticeable unless you're right up on the bumper and know what you're looking for, am I stuck with this also?


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Try Goo Gone or similar
You may want to use some rubbing compound or an mild abrasive paint surface cleaner. I have a feeling the paint surrounding the badges may have faded and the paint beneath the badges have not.
Goo gone is what I used to pull the adhesive backing off.

May try a rubbing compound but the paint being faded around it sounds more like it since the outline isn't raised.
If all else fails. Wet sanding and polishing the clearcoat should remove whatever outlines are left. Be careful with the wet sanding and dont get too vigorous with it. Maybe watch a few youtube tutorials first.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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