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Dealership Coupons?

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Does anyone else receive coupons for oil changes from Nissan?

So I have not been back to the dealership since 2009. I refuse to pay $50 for an oil change from them for regular 5W-30 oil. It's a rip off. So all I have purchased from them in 2010 is an oil filter for the Versa for $8.00, and then did the oil change at home.

Funny thing is now they are sending me tons of coupons. First couple ones were for $7.00 off an oil change (still too pricey with this coupon) and the newest one is for a complete oil change for $29.95.

The coupon is only good until June and I don't need an oil change before then. I'm hoping they send me some during the winter when it's too cold to be outside changing the oil, lol ;)
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I dont have any dealership coupons but they promised me the 1st 2 oil changes would be free, then life time oil changes would be $14.99, and they wrote everything down on my lease so Im good. :biggrin5:
$14.99 for oil changes? what a deal!
i get some occasionally....but i don't use them.
I got 5 free oil changes with my extended warranty. Four coupons came with my ASP booklet, and then the one time I was there using a coupon they made me wait for hours to get it done, so they handed me back the coupon. Hence why I got one extra oil change for free.

I am going to keep waiting to see if the coupons that arrive get cheaper and cheaper. So far the $29.95 is the cheapest one yet. If I get one of those in the winter I'll use it then. For now, I don't put that many kms on the car, so I don't need the oil changes very often.

My next one will be cheap. I got a jug of oil for $6.00 at Canadian Tire and I'll buy the filter from the dealer for $8.00. That will make my oil change $14 :D
i receive some from time to time. sometimes for a 19.99 oil change or 5$ off the regular price etc etc. sometimes a 10-20% off a certain service.
If it was under $20 I would go for sure. But $50 is just too expensive to justify taking her there. It's not like they do anything special besides change the filter and oil. I might just take her there in the winter if I have to since it's too cold to change it at home. But only if I get a decent coupon.
this is why i love that my g/f is the warranty handler at her work. she works for the local Nissan dealer and i only pay $15 for oil change :)

1 of the reason's i love her after i stop working for Nissan lmao
Lol ... $15 for an oil change from a dealership is so awesome ...

Canada charges a lot more for everything here ... :(
The Nissan dealerships (and I imagine Ford/Toyota/Honda/Kia/etc) use a ghetto azz oil... the service guy told me that the oil just barely passes required specifications. Putting Mobil 1 in once I reach 5K!
Ya it's just regular 5W-30 oil and they charge $50. Our dealerships charge WAY too much for labour over here in Canada. It takes them no time at all to change the oil, yet they charge $50. From now on, it's changed at home; except in the winter. I might take it to the dealer in the winter (if I get a decent coupon) or somewhere else that has it for $19.99.
Mine has them at there website
How many quarts of oil does the Versa take? Buying some Mobil 1 from Walmart today.

How many quarts of oil does the Versa take? Buying some Mobil 1 from Walmart today.

always remember to specify engine when asking and giving information such as capacities. Click the picture to zoom in and see your answer.
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I bought one jug of oil, 5W-30 from Canadian Tire and it was the perfect size. Versa takes one full jug of oil (at least for my 1.8L).

I have a new jug already at home waiting for the next oil change. It was on sale for $5.99 plus tax, so I had to get one, lol.
i get mobli 1 :) for $15 OUT THE DOOR lol. i know almost all the service people at her work. i tryed to get the same for my brother but he had to pay $18 which isnt bad at all.
Anything under $20 for an oil change is a great deal. Just buying the oil and filter to change it at home usually works out to $20 ...
Nobody around to teach ya ?
No garage. No driveway. We live in the city. And I don't want to deal with the recycling of the oil. LOL.

I'll learn when I have a sweet driveway/garage.

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