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Dealership Question

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While my Nissan Versa was still under New Car Warranty (around 24,000 miles), I took the Versa to a dealership and asked about a ticking noise I would hear in my engine, that stayed even after running for some time. They inspected the noise and told me that nothing was wrong, that Nissan Versa's "just do that".

Fast forward a year or two. At 54,000 miles, my car stopped running and I took it to a different dealer that determined the issue was with a transmission. Luckily, it was replaced for free as I was still under warranty. Out of curiosity, I asked them to inspect the "ticking" and come to find out, it is an engine issue, and that the engine should be replaced.

However, the part needs to be approved before it can be ordered. I sent two different oil change forms, and the actual form from the original dealer that looked over my car and said the ticking was normal. I don't see why it wouldn't be approved, as I was told there was no issue, am now I am being told that it is a problem, and have proof saying so.

If the dealer doesn't approve to replace the engine, is there anyway to go about getting that changed? As in, it was a dealer's fault that the engine was said to be okay, and now it's not, so do they have any fault in that and should be responsible for it?

Thanks for any help or answers I may receive from this!
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If one dealership won't change your engine, go to the next closest dealership to you and see what they say. My dad's Altima had an engine tick as well, and they couldnt fix it so they did replace the engine.
From reading your post, it sounds like you haven't received final word yet on approval of engine replacement. I would certainly be dealing with the dealership that documented you needed a new engine.

I had an experience under warranty for a minor issue where one dealership said it wasn't covered and I fought Nissan for a couple of months with no success. Finally I went to another dealership and the item was fixed under warranty with no issues. Go figure.

I have nothing good to say about Nissan's 1-800 customer service process you are supposed to use. My experience is the people answering the phones are following a specific script that ultimately leads them to telling you, "No". They have zero decision making authority and getting in touch with someone who can actually make a decision based on facts and not on their script is very very difficult.

Good luck and hopefully you will hear good news from the dealership concerning your engine replacement.
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