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Debadging, Final

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so here ill post up the final pics from the debadge.
these are some pics i took earlier tonight, so yea theyre dark but i wanted to show 'em asap.
ill take some daylight ones tomorrow.

also, as i might have said earlier, i planned to take the pure drive logo and restick it inside using rubber cement, theres also a pic on how that turned out.

months from now in the summer i plan on placing the versa letters also inside in a certain place, and ill add that to the thread when it occurs.

the pictures are a little small too because i had to take it with one camera, transfer it to another and then to the comp and it shrank on the way. issues. dw, hopefully new pics tmrw.

and the plastics are so shiny because i had used armourall on them


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and question, the morning after i debadged, it was a foggy, dewy morning and there was mist all over the car. what was funny was that there was a lighter mist where the lettering used to be, so that literally the mist spelled out the old badges of VERSA and SV.

anyone know why? its cleaned off well with no residue, maybe due it being a surface of different exposure?
Pics are dark but looks good. As for the mist, it should go away as you wash your car. Happened to me after I debadged mine. The mist would shape the "burger" its gone.
looks good! I'm gonna debadge my versa letters today since its going to be 70 DEGREES!!! Maine in March is usually like... 40...

im not complaining though :)
sorry for the delay, but as promised, here are some better, daylight pics of the versa debadged. any other angles or inquiries, just lemme know.


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Looks good. :thumbsup:
Looking good, very clean
haha yea i should, nissan frame on ebay is 20 bucks.. is it worth it?
$20 for a license plate frame isn't a bad price, especially OEM.
Check your local Nissan dealership, their frames are usually $20 and no shipping so you'd save on that.
Check your local Nissan dealership, their frames are usually $20 and no shipping so you'd save on that.
He'll still have to pay for local taxes, and usually that can add up alot. Some places online don't charge for shipping.
tyty everyone, will do.
are these badges just attached by 3M?
that might have been easier (didnt pass my mind to be honest), but no i used rubber cement to attach it on. ive also now got the letters "VERSA" attached in the small area above the cup holder
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are these badges just attached by 3M?
They should be(thats how they were on my 2010). The burger might be harder to remove though.
Exterior debadging looks good but I don't like the PureDrive badge on the dash.
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