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Decals are in...

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i recently ordered some of the decals for this forum, and they came in the mail today!

i was wondering if yall could possibly post up or maybe give me links to where you put the decals on your V. I was thinking the very very back glass not the back windshield, but the window next to the rear passenger window the idy biddy one lol..

I was going to make it straight and put it there with a K/N decal on top..

i have 2 of each so i want to put it somewhere that i can put another one on the other side.
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but i think they were made this size so they would fit in the rear side windows.
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got mine in the mail today also, heres a pic :D


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thats cool i didnt think about putting it in the back window.
Im thinking more along the side of either both the rear passenger windows
or like the back window on the top corners..
Here's mine. I put them in the small windows on the rear doors. They fit there perfectly.

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Mine are like ilmv and vmg

i put mine in the same place... i will probably be ordering some larger ones and putting them on the rear passenger windows (the 2 that roll down) might even consider asking rob about doing some mirror type, so its backwards on 1 side of the car....
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Yea where superskunk is at every everyone else above pretty much is where im thinking about putting them because they fit perfectly and i have some k/n decal ima put on top.
only bad thing though is i have one for each side of the car and like the decal will be facing different ways on both sides?
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