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Desperately need to "stiffen" gas pedal

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I am in pain.

I cannot not drive my new 2014 Versa Note without developing aches in my legs due to the overly soft gas pedal.

In my last car, a 1992 Ford Festiva, I could comfortably rest my foot on the gas pedal as I drove. If I tried that in my new Versa, I would be flooring the thing.

So I have to hold my foot back all the time. I did not even notice that I was doing that, during the test drive. But after a while, it sneaks up on me, and I am in real pain.

I can put the seat back far enough to straighten my legs. I have tried various seat cushions and the like. None of that seems to really work.

I don't see any springs around the pedal itself. But maybe the throttle cable under the hood, or something?

Please help.
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Don't really know what to say here... do you do that much driving that you get aches if you can't rest your foot on it as you say? No throttle cable, the stiffness would be controlled from the pedal assembly alone. Maybe you can open it up and find a way to make it stiffer, but that's uncharted ground because nobody has cared enough to do anything like that. I really can't say anything apart from get used to it. Never seen this before.
Thanks for reply, 07Versa6MT. Everybody tells me that.

I am not especially tall, but I have long legs - 34" inseam. If I could get my seat back a little further, that would solve the problem, or if could lift the seat up. Sitting on pillows does not feel right.

My leg starts hurting after driving for about an hour. Yes, I need to be able to go longer than that. I was hoping to take some long road trips in the future.

The dealer told me I could trade up for the SV trim. I test drove the SV, it was a little better, but not much.
Yeah, being an econobox the seat doesn't go back that far. I'm probably shorter than you and I still drive with the seat back all the way. Don't know what to say apart from try using your cruise control more often lol.
Not sure if you know that there is a seat height adjustment on the left side of the seat. I had the car a few months before I noticed the lever. Also, my windshield was getting fogged up along with the side windows. Dam it... I had the vent lever circulating the inside air. ( summer air conditioning) Changed the position to the outside air and problem vanished. Hello!!
Thanks for advice. However, the base model - the Note S - does not have cruise control, or seat height adjustment.

I think part of the problem may be the pedal placement. The gas pedal is too far up, and to the right. It think it would be better, for me, if the gas pedal were where the brake pedal is.
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