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I have a 2010 Nissan Versa 1.8SL Hatchback that came equipped with stock tires. These were P195/55R16 86H tires. I called the tire dealership and told them this. I've been going to this place for years and so has my family. The tire place highly recommends a set of Michelin Harmony tires that are P205/55R16 89H tires. I didn't realize the specs were different until I got home and did more research. I had simply called the place and told them my specs assuming that is what I'd get.

I ran the specs through a tire calculator and it seems to not match up. Well here is what a calculator showed me:

Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference
195/55-16 4.2in 12.2in 24.4in 76.8in 825 0.0%
205/55-16 4.4in 12.4in 24.9in 78.2in 811 1.8%

I'm trying to learn more but I was thinking this could mess up other things with the vehicle. I was also thinking that a wider tire would mean more contact area and would thus hurt my gas mileage. I plan to put on 30,000 miles next year so even a 1% hit to my MPGs would cost me $30 next year. If it was as bad as a 3% hit, that'd be $90!!!

So what I'd like to know is if these wider tires matter. If it really isn't going to change my gas mileage by at least 1%, I'm fine paying the extra cost for the superior traction/handling because I really do love how they handle.

I am NOT fine with having these tires on my beautiful nissan versa if they may affect any of the fancy safety and computer stuff that keeps me safe and keeps my car operating properly and for a LONG time. Is extra width not a problem? I've just heard horror stories about wrongly sized tires but my own research hasn't been able to gleam anything besides wider tires offering better handling and worse gas mileage.

Appreciate any comments!
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