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Uh, soft silicone has less life there than a true rubber. Summer heat won't touch it virtually at all but dirt particles will wear them at a MUCH faster rate than rubber. Most soft silicones can easily be shredded with a fingernail, at least any ones I have ever worked with. I used soft silicones of every type and formula while I was in flexographic printing.

If by some chance a solvent gets onto them they decompose almost in seconds to tear away pieces by simply using them.

And thinking the hollow square block shape is stiffer than a normal rubber blade to not internally collapse like the pic shows it standing up to the load, that's simply hilarious. No freakin' way..........

Somebody has not even thought of looking at how the water meniscus helps the tilted over rubber blade wipe better, the Kimblade narrow edge angle change just off the edge opens up wide enough to lose much of that, UNLESS the silicone block really does flop over exactly like the rubber one does to begin with and what I think happens there, in short, blowing the basic sell idea out of the water as it becomes exactly the same as the original design in its' working then. Look at the design of the rubber above the contact point to where the metal strip retains the filler in place, there is the exact same amount of deflection built into the body of the wiping agent.

I bet they work like gangbusters when new but you can get that performance out of a cheap $3 reload. I'd also bet they really last no longer at all, the soft silicone is going to trap a lot more dirt and what it does. Instant streaking. Why they are already trying to pre-train you to clean the edges (...'it’s as simple as wiping the blades dry' AND CLEAN....caps are mine). The entry level fee to get in is WWAAAAYY too high for me, I can continue to reload all 3 of my cars at that price for up to 8 years.

Yours of course and do as you will................
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