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Got a nasty transmission leak coming from what appears to be the front pump seal. I noticed when it was cold that there is a bit of flare between 1-2 gears while shifting.
Im not really wanting to pull this transmission again if it decides to bite the dust as ive since put in a new engine with 50k last summer. Id like to fit a low mileage tranny since its coming out anyways.
Ive found a ton of low mileage 08+ autos for sale cheap, ive noticed 07 seems to be kind of a bastard year as when i sourced my new motor there were differences like this as well.
Does anyone on the forum know if the 08 4 spd auto trans will work on a 07? If not can it be retrofitted using parts from my 07 trans without much hassle? Any info would be greatly appreciated..
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