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Dirt Cheap perf parts..

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Found some made in China (literally) Versa/Sunny parts, allegedly same fit for most of our parts.

Would anyone ever put these on your car? I'm thinking about it for shits and giggles, could always rip it off and throw it away since it's a $24 exhaust tip lol

Free shipping Nissan Tiida Versa 2012 Stainless Steel high quality new EXHAUST MUFFLER TIP exterior accessories-in Chromium Styling from Automobiles & Motorcycles on

there's also $14 fog lights with wiring harness & switch lol... its all so suspicious like buying shit in chinatown..50-50 lol
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i dont know about the camera, but for the muffler tip it doesnt look like itd fit on the 2010 versa since our exhaust pipe is angled. I dont know about the newer years tho, if it just comes out id imagine it'd fit, its kind of hard to go wrong with bolt on muffler tips.

the part that always deterred me is the 15-26 day shipping time...which gets even longer during the holidays lol
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