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I don't know anything about the Versas CVT but I am well versed in Honda auto trannies.

In my Honda, it is NEVER recomended to flush the transmission because like the Versa, it does not have a filter. Instead, it has a permanent screen (That I assume ther Versa would have too). Flushing it causes the mesh screen to become clogged and therefore cause the transmission to fail. On my Honda, I would simply do drain and refills using only genuine Honda fluid. I simply removed the drain bolt, clean off the magnet, drained the fluid, added 3 qts, drove 20 miles and repeated one or two times more.

If you remove a hose and add fluid while the old stuff comes out be warned it comes out very quickly and you should have another person to assist you.

On a side not, I would not recommend going to any shop other then the dealer to have the service performed. I worked at Firestone Complete Autocare and we only had 3 different "universal" transmission fluids. We did have problems with shift quality and even a transmission going out after such a service. Genuine tranny fluid might seem expensive but it is well worth the extra money to prevent thousands to replace a transmission.

It sucks to hear the service is $180....I have a lifetime warranty on my CVT and motor but I have to follow the service intervals.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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