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Despite of my wife’s relentless discouragement, I was tempted to install remote start on my 2012 versa as it’s getting colder now. So i went ahead bought Avital 4103 from Amazon for $44.

Getting into the ignition wires was a bit tricky but it wasn’t that hard. I was able to finish the whole installation within a few hours. Ive installed a car stereo before and have some knowledge about car, but never installed remote start. Luckily my car key doesn’t have a chip in it so it makes the installation easier. And I didn’t bother with wiring up optional wires such as parking light, horn, door, and etc. Basically all I want is to start the engine. I don’t need all other features. As I park my car on driveway(within 50ft from my room), I don't need any visual notification like parking lights and I don't plan to unlock/lock door from remote start remote.

So, I connected 12v, acc1,2, ignition, starter, ground(-), neutral safety(-), brake(+). Only 8 wires! Now I can start my car inside home. Great!

If you want remote start and luckily(?) have a low trim model (no chip, no alarm and etc..), I'd encourage to try it. I wouldn't try to install remote start on a car that has immobilizer, factory alarm and etc. Too complicated. But for any low trim cars, it's definitely doable and worth it!
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