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Do I need the Relay for an Air Horn?

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Hey all you electrical guru's, I have a question about the electrical on the Versa.

#1 - I haven't got my tester out yet, ( and please don't laugh ) but is the system an + voltage system or a - voltage system?

#2, with the fiamm air horn kit I have, there is relay that came with the kit, do you all think I really need it?
I had the same horn on a 2000 ford f-150 and never used a relay just wired it up directly, and it worked perfect for year.
So if I can get away with that again, it would be awesome...
What do you all think? ( sorry I haven't checked the horn fuse yet either ) so I guess maybe that will answermy question.....I think the relay I have is a 15 amp...

Anyway, let me know what you think
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I don't think you would... are you wiring it in place of your regular horn? If so then no would wouldn't need a relay because the car already has one. If you were wiring it off another switch in the car then yeah you would need the relay.
Hmmm, interesting... Yes I would be "replacing" the original horns.
Thanks for the quick reply
I put air horns on an it did need a 15 amp fuse in the 10 amp place as it had other things not working
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