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Over here (Aus) I use only NGK spark plugs. In fact, all of our trade customers use them too as they are a good, reliable (but not cheap) plug.

Because of the complexity of a spark plug change on the MR18/20 engines, a Platinum spark plug is recommended. Platinum plugs have a 100,000km life (although I HIGHLY recommend changing at 90,000km anyway.)

Standard plugs have a 20-25,000km life, but cost less initially, but if changed at the correct 20,000 intervals end up costing you more in the long run.

Not sure what you guys get over there, I use and would recommend these: LZKAR6AP-11

They are suited for MR18 & 20 engines.

Be careful buying any spark plugs for your vehicle and I always recommend checking with a reputable plug manufacturer before going to a parts dealer. Even though I am a parts interpreter myself, after 10 years in the game I have seen the kind of employee a lot of the business can attract and the results in un-educated assistance can be devastating.

Lucky for our shop, we spend the time teaching new staff the correct things to do, what to look out for and we only sell reputable parts. We've not always the cheapest, but we always get return customers :)

Remember that most manufacturers of aftermarket and oem parts have online catalogs that are publicly accessible. Use them, because this is all your spare parts guys are pretty much using too.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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