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Do you think the ride on the Versa has a certain European flair??

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I have been noticing that the ride on my 2012 SV Sedan has all of the characteristics of a European Sedan. Having owned BMWs, Renault Fuegos, Volvos and a Jetta in the past.

The ride is taught, and firm but it isolates you from road harshness, and still allows you to feel the road in a responsive kind of way.

I feel more of the Renault influence in the dynamics of the car as far as ride goes, than the Nissan influence. Anybody else agree?
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I've never driven a renault, but I know that a lot of the car is shared with a couple different renaults. Not sure about the 2012's, But the first gen versas were.
I have never driven any European car. All other cars I have driven were GM, Ford, Chrysler, or Japan Based Toyota and Honda. This is also my first Nissan.
I do agree that it is a pretty firm but comfortable ride though.
I'm impressed with the structural integrity of the 2012 Sedan. It's absolutely solid, without any squeaks or rattles, and the ride is quite nice. Can't compare to any euro car as I've never owned one, but I can say most Nissans are quite good for integrity (this is our 8th)
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