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don't judge a book by its cover

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I recently purchased an o9 versa with a salvage title. Iam IMPRESSED!!!! Looks great and handles better than i could have imagined. I am aware of the cons that may accompany a salvage title as this will be my tenth salvaged. I believe a vehicle doesnt have to be be a negative investment. For example this 09 w 55000 miles cost me 5400 I will put an additional 25000 miles on it and still sell it for a small profit or at minimum my initial investment. I would love to hear opinions, suggestions or past experiences. Great forum, great conversation.
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Pics! Welcome to the NVF
Purchased my Versa 1.8 Hatchback Special Edition brand new, the only thing i've done to it is just upgrade the head unit and door speakers. I still have to get amp for the door speakers and sub amp combo. But my future mods I want to do are brake upgrade, lower suspension and exhaust. So far from what i have read this forum is awesome.
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