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Door Handle jammed

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When I try to open my door, the handle moves easily and freely at first, but just before its about to open the door, the handle becomes very hard and feels jammed.

It must be pulled quite hardly to be able to open the door.

How to cure this :S
Put oil on the door handle?
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Try oil where the door latch mechanism catches, a bit in the door and a bit where it catches the latch pin.
Well your not supposed to put jelly on the door handle anyway :p
lithium grease would be a good starting point, good for lubricating door hinges, handles and anything else that is designed to move on the car aside from the engine :)
Or try WD-40
my guess is something is not lining up right inside. while lubricating it might make it work for the short term, I would have it looked at.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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