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Versa door handle fell off

This is a known issue.
The first time it happened to my 2009 Versa was right after being serviced at the dealership. They replaced it under warranty. (Replacement was not necessary and I feel that it was a waste of Nissan resources.) The second time, about one year later, I reassembled it myself. The third time I applied the permanent fix found here;

Door handle fell off, what the ??? : Versa Technical Discussions

After installing a $0.03 cotter pin I have had NO problems what so ever with the door handle. I do warn anyone wanting to do this that it is tricky to line the hole up to be drilled. I recommend using a hot nail or wire to start it or the drill bit will wander on the plastic. Or make some sort of jig out of a piece of scrap wood.

I will also upload CAPTINDON777’s instructions as a separate PDF file in case the above link fail to work in the future.
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