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A nearly 2015 update

The in-dash navigation dilemma continues:

A very BIG NO-BUY warning about Boss Audio BV9386NV!

POS alert!

After the in-store display wasn't working, I had the Fry's install guys power one in the box up, connect antennas and see how it would work... That one didn't work either.

So, really needing navigation with traffic, I kept researching it. My wife is directionally-challenged to no end. It is BAD. I'm a clean freak and don't like windshield-mounted stuff anyway, I want in-dash navigation!

Boss gives a 2-year warranty when Fry's installs it, buying it on an AmEx made it 3-years of coverage, so I really wanted to make this work.

With two contradictory owner's manuals, the "sales" staff at Boss didn't even know it's own model numbers! When I had to repeat the model number twice and "A.J." didn't know what I was talking about. I said "the 6.95" screen, double-din, car thingy with navigation" he then went "oh." I asked my question and he dumped me into someone else's phone line. The guy didn't know the product either but he said "No" to my inquiry to play it safe.

Fry's, apparently, has had so many problems with this unit, they've been blowing it out for under $220 and not restocking them at this time. Other online reviews refer to known problems that the units are shipping with and your only recourse is removing the unit, paying for shipping back to Boss and waiting ages...

This is your NO BUY warning.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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