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Downtown Woodstock Show & Shine

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Are any fellow Ontario Versa owners interested in attending this?
I'll be going (as long as it does not rain). I contacted the email listed on the site, and the lady told me that you register the day of the event. I think it would be nice if a few other Versa's showed up to keep me company ;)

Here's the flyer she emailed to me.

It is Sunday August 8th. Hope some of you can come!
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Versas mixed in with some old school and muscle cars?
The lady said all models, years, and brands of vehicles are allowed to enter.

As long as you take pride in your car and want to show it, then feel free to enter! There is no restriction for this show! I love my car and want to show off what I have done to it ... :D
I might be getting a few BUG friends to come along :D

Who's going with me?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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