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Here is some basic videos, and info of the Dri Wash n Guard

How is it possible to apply DRI WASH 'n GUARD. over a dirty surface?

DRI WASH 'n GUARD. contains 47 ingredients, including wetting agents, lubricants and protectants which have never been used by the car care industry.
The detergents and wetting agents in DRI WASH 'n GUARD. combine to soften and emulsify surface grime, while a specific blend of polymeroxane fluids and hydrophenolic lubricants attach a microscopic layer of exclusive PolyGuard-3. to the surface. PolyGuard-3. is an extremely rare (and expensive) substance which provides a bonded layer of protection against any remaining abrasive not broken down by the detergents and wetting agents.

When ordering use coupon code Versa, for 10% Off your order, and a free Towel with 32oz or larger bottle.

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