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drive belt

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Hey peeps.... i just joined a few minutes ago.... i will like to find out what is the correct drive belt for the 2006 nissan versa.... mines needs to change...
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06 versa? Thought they didn't come out till 07...atleast in the states

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07 first year in Canada too. Welcome! Where ya from?
Most cars are actually made/ released around july
the previous year.
True, we always made parts to ship in time for new model year production after July shutdown.
I think we all know there weren't any 06 or prior releases for the north american continent so he/she most likely meant 07+
I suggest either buying it from the dealer or getting a Gates belt.

Belt numbers are as follows:

  • 11720-EL00A (OEM)
  • K060473 (GATES)

HR16DE with AC
  • 11720-ED00C (OEM)
  • K070448 (GATES)

Odd nissan went with such a beefy belt on the 1.6. It has one more rib then the MR18 and is about 1/16" wider.

HR16DE with out AC
  • 11720-BC21C (OEM)
  • K070415 (GATES)
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