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Driving it to!

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Just bought a new 09 versa for driving me to work and back, but now im getting the itch to start adding some speed parts (its actually getting kinda nice up here in MN) lots of good info here!
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Welcome, glad you found the site! Be sure to add an avatar and post your location. It's always nice to see where everybody is coming from.

So what kind of parts are you looking forward to when you customize your beast? Your first plans for the car?
welcome to the forums =)
everyone here is so knowledgeable and i think with all of us just about everything has been attempted....feel free to ask questions

and enjoy your new versa! what color did you get?
welcome to the forums! what kind of parts are you looking for? check out you will find everything you need there...
welcome to nvf!
hello! it's getting warm over here too! 60 degrees today! time to spruce up the Vs! welcome!
Thanks guys, I bought a super black Versa SL. I will probobly get some tint done first, Feels like im driving around in a greenhouse with all those windows. Im thinking about going all black with Rockstar car 18s and some minor performance parts that wont screw with my warrenty.
That's good man.

When you have time, take some pictures of your ride!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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