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Drum paint

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I'm going to paint my drums next, use the remaining caliper paint I have. Going to do this next week.
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I wanted to ask about this. How do you paint the drums? Do you just clean them up and use the same paint from the calipers?
I still have like a full can of caliper paint. However, I think I'm just going to wait until next spring when the winter tires come off. My calipers will need a new coat of paint then anyways, so I'll just do everything at once.
Tape off the center piece w/ masking tape & newsprint. The rest is easy...
Okay, sounds easy.
It is okay to paint the drums right? Will it cause any problems?
Not that I know of, ATX painted his never heard a problem. I don't know if he used caliper paint or drum paint. Doesn't really matter I assume since they're both metal and exposed to heat and outside elements.
A wire brush, turps, some newspaper and tape and your away.

As long as its high temp/acid resistant paint (ie. Caliper Paint) then you're cheering.
I used the caliper paint for my drums. No problems at all.
Where does everyone get their caliper paint?

I know you can order them online but I'm interested in just going to get them at a store, but either or is fine I guess.
Went to Autozone and purchased my Caliper paint!

Thanks ATX!
I will go ahead and use the remaining caliper paint so it's not wasted.
Post up pics once you have painted it.
Do you clean the drums the same way as the calipers?
Yeah, spray...brush... then paint away like an artist!
The caliper paint that I got is spray paint. :/
No brushing for me!
hello guys yesterday, work hard with my v. Some photos. see

the drum has lost the original color

cover with newspaper to prevent paint the other parts.

final result (1 spray COST $ 3.65 1 newspaper 0.35 cent)


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nice i like the drum brake it looks clean and nice job in spray painting :p
that really does look sharp. how did you tape off the back of the brake calipers?
That looks great. I am going to repaint my calipers this spring when the winter tires come off, and then I'll paint the drums at the same time.
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