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dual exhaust

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Has anyone or anyone have dual exhaust on their versa hb or sedan or can it even be done
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I'm sure some guy with more money than brains has done it just to say he did it.

Dumb idea on any 4 cylinder car, weighty, no performance gains whatsoever, costy. Some manufacturers still put a dual exhaust on 4 bangers, but only for aesthetics or to change the tone. The Dart is a good example, the 1.4 sounds pretty throaty for a 4 banger, but it's gutless. That's why they do it, create a feel.
You could do it and have it work, but really you'd be better off finding a way to move the muffler back, turned 90, with 2 outlets (take a look at the Murano system).

but yea, as noted, there really isn't a point except for aesthetics, or if you're going to add a rather complicated valve to get more volume at higher RPM. Otherwise you can get everything you want out of a properly tuned single exhaust.

The article I linked in my Exhaust post has some information about exhaust routing in it. might be worth perusing.
I'm not really looking for more hp or anything like that it's just for looks the sound really doesnt matter to me it's not like ima be revving the engine or racing but thanks for the input guys
then there's no point in a full dual exhaust. Look at how the Murano exhaust is routed, as well as certain Audi TT's.

As I said, the easiest way for you to do it will be to mimic that style, where it's a single exhaust up to and into the muffler, from the muffler it splits and runs pipe to either side.

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I came into this thread thinking someone actually did it. Would be interesting but pointless, especially since the motor itself would probably be louder than the exhaust itself.
As said for this size of engine it would be mostly looks for dual exhaust. But still looks cool.
If you are set on doing it great and post pics. That said don't set up your exhaust like the murano as posted above. That many bends will drain performance.
My Genesis Coupe from the factory has a similar set up. Like this:

When I got my exhaust custom made I got them to Y the pipe then have dual mufflers. Similar to this:

I suggest having a single one side dual other side muffler if you can find the room:
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There's no performance point to a full dual exhaust on a 4-banger. he already said it's not a performance thing. so the easiest way is to use a muffler with 2 outputs...

moar pipes is not always moar gooder.
Another reason manufacturers equip any certain vehicle with factory dual exhaust (at least in the case of true dual system on any vehicle with two banks of cylinders) is the ability to alter and/or quiet exhaust note more easily. In the case of V8's it's much easier to control the sound of the exhaust in a dual system vs a single. In the V8 sports car world, some people run a large diameter single exhaust for simplicity and weight, and some run dual because the sound is more dynamically adjustable, that and you can implement a crossover with angles of intersection that create more scavenging similar to the goal of true headers (usually an X-pipe).
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