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Dumped the V : New Car's First Tank 43.5 MPG, Second Tank 43 MPG...!!!

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Hey, guys!

Long time no post.

Just an update:

Dumped the V and got into a 2011 Yaris 5 Door Hatchback (5 Speed)... no more creaky air vents, whistling engine, rattling/loose driver's side window - all normal according to the Nissan dealership.

For my first tank, I drove it to 429 miles before the 2nd to last fuel bar disappeared. Filled it up and it took 9.86 gallons to the first click.

On my second tank, I drove it to 418 miles before the 2nd to last fuel bar disappeared. Filled it up and it took 9.66 gallons to the first click. What's amazing is that on my second tank, I had my GF in the car for a total of 130 miles. She's 135 pounds. And then I had my friend who's about 190 in my car for a total of 140 miles (mini road trip). I was also stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for a total of 35 minutes.

Anyways, once I put Mobil 1 up in there and after about 10K miles, I should be able to get 50+ highway.

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That rocks! Pics of the new ride.
New car looks good, and good job on the MPG range.
looks great, congrats on the awesome MPG
Congrats on the new ride and even more so on the mpg's. The yaris is great on gas. Even better then the 1.6 versa. My last two tanks were 40 and 42. I think my current might be a little more. I always liked the yaris but it was alot more money then my V and didn't have the room I was looking for. If you don't stick around here check back in once in awhile and let us know how the yaris and the mpg's are doing. Btw love the color.
Nice Yaris!! MPG is sweet!!
John, welcome to the world of the Yaris!

You should check out Garms forums for MicroCars. It is mainly focused on the Yaris and they do some crazy stuff. My good friend Nate has a boosted Yaris. But so does everyone at MicroImage really.. lol

Congrats on the yaris john! Love the mpgs. How is the straight line comfort, and how does it feel in the bends? How do you like the central instrument pod? I found more than adequate headroom, but i didn't get to drive one yet:(
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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