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DVD Deck to E-Brake

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I am trying to figure out how to disconnect the sensor that was ran from my pioneer AVH-3100 deck to the e-brake in order to ensure I cant watch dvds while driving. Its actually really annoying especially since while im driving I have friends who would want to watch movies. If anyone knows it would be great if you could give me step by step instruction on how to disable the sensor or cut whatever wire I need to.
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who installed it for you? read through the manual, it should be able to tell you which wire to cut....
with my clarion i dont know about yers ,but I took the ground wire hooked it to a switch two pole or 3 pole will work ran a wire to somewhere to ground it and flip the switch and it thinks that yer parking break is up i dont know if yer unit has the same way of detecting it or not.. so hope that helps marginally
hmm, that sounds pretty good.... ive never installed or even attempted to install one...
its only a ground ^_^ just hook it up to the body... or trace your door switch and connect the ground to it so when you close your door it will trip the ground ^_^v

btw who installed it??? if its someone else you have to remove the panels and trace the ground wire from the back and tape it to the car frame and test it... usually there are two ground one is a trip ground which is your ebrake ground and one is connected to the car frame or battery ground...
that is a good idea, I guess it is supposed to keep people from watching movies while driving? hm.... to bad they cannot disable texting on phone while car is moving......
yeah all you do is just follow it to your ebrake and just clip it and hook it up with ur radio ground thats what i did
Give this a shot. I dont know the wiring on your car, but this video seems easy enough
Couldn't you just not put DVD movies in it while driving?

I know that method works with 100% results for me.
he could but the whole reason why he wants to do it is so he can watch dvds
I have a pioneer avh 5150, and I just grounded the wire that locks your display, but that is not legal in Brazil.
So I'm my Tiida I will probably do something a little different, I might hookup a switch button so I'll just press it when I want the screen to work or not to work,
got it ?
All you have to do is ground the wire that's connected to your e-brake. I had to do this with my Scion xB because NO ONE would hook it up like that.

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